HTML was designed to present text.

Techniques that have been trivially easy for more than 25 years in graphics software are still impossible in HTML.

It's time to evolve.

Svija is a simple tool that enables the creation of a professional website written entirely in SVG, based on files created in Adobe Illustrator:

• website updated in real time
• no conversion or development  necessary
• ranked normally by search-engines
• web site loads rapidly
• no HTML or CSS necessary

Svija Sync

Tiny app that continuously synchronizes the  content of your computer with your website.

Svija Tools

Scripts and templates for Adobe Illustrator that facilitate building a website.

Svija Admin

Web interface for organizing your content, allowing you to define pages and recurring or temporary modules.

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A Svija website is constructed entirely in SVG: the pages themselves plus extra content in the form of separate, reusable modules.


Your Illustrator design is available on the internet immediately in finished form. Experience the pleasure of spending your time creating, instead of endless debugging and verifying.

Details, Finally

For the first time, it's possible to make a website where the details are perfect, without spending weeks getting there. Your design is the site, with no compromise. Every pixel is in place, on every platform.

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